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travel photography india – the making of

INDIA! One of the most beautiful countries i’ve ever seen! I loved it spending there some time as a travel photographer for taking pictures of people and the exciting streetlife of india! I’ll show you some making of pictures of my work and how i shot certain pictures. If you’re interested in seeing some more of my reportages i shot during my photography trip through india check out my PDF cathegory.


munich-travel-photographer-india-making-of-behind-the-scenes-05 munich-travel-photographer-india-making-of-behind-the-scenes-04

The picture series of the beautiful children of india you find here.


This little hungry girl captured my heart! We bought her something to eat and new clothes. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments during the trip to see her, living on indians streets without parents or family!


The full picture series of this little heartbreaking indian child you find here.



Check out my reportage about the beautiful indian sarees!



I was very impressed by the spice market in old Delhi! It was one of the most exciting experiences i had during my trip! The full picture report you find here.

india-spice-market-pictures-Gewuerzmarkt-indien-delhi-bilder-09 india-spice-market-pictures-Gewuerzmarkt-indien-delhi-bilder-10 india-spice-market-pictures-Gewuerzmarkt-indien-delhi-bilder-11 india-spice-market-pictures-Gewuerzmarkt-indien-delhi-bilder-12

munich-travel-photographer-india-making-of-behind-the-scenes-01 india-portrait-children-picture-indien-bilder-Kinder-14 india-temple-picture-Rajasthan-indien-bilder-Tempel-15


The stunning nature in Kerala, Munnar was absolutely fascinating! I’ve never seen tea plantations before and i was so much impressed! I shot a reportage about the tea plantations and the hard work with the tea in india! One woman collects about 80kg tea per day by hand. Have a look at the complete photo reportage!


munich-travel-photographer-india-making-of-behind-the-scenes-08 india-camel-picture-pushkar-indien-bild-Kamel-18

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